An Archdemon’s Dilemma: How to love your elf bride, volume 8

Today is Alshiere Imera in Kianoides. It’s a ceremony of the church, where people are celebrating it by offering presents to their friends, family, and of course, lover. However, what about the unfaithful sorcerers? Oh and did Kuroka just turn into a cat?

Once again, if you haven’t read my previous overview of this LN, you should do so as it deals with the more general points, and this time, it will be about the plot.

It has been one month since the latest event at Atlastia. Zagan is in pursuit of Marc, his friend as a waif, and Azazel, one seraph covered in mystery. Yet on that particular day something is amiss. Nephy left for town without his knowledge.

Obviously, everyone, by Foll’s suggestion, is preparing for Alshiere Imera as a surprise party for Zagan. The good part is that he left for town on his own, but he may meet Nephy, ruining the preparations. There is no better solution to prevent their meeting and ensure a good party than to send granny witch Gremory and submit him to her antics.

In the mean time, Kuroka sense a presence similar to the one who destroyed her village. On its tail, she suddenly turned into a cat. She is then targeted by someone. A holy day is never a boring one.

This volume cover has an illustration of both Kuroka and Alshiera, who are the main focus of the story. This was a very exciting read because both of them had some background to explore. Kuroka is a pretty cool cat and Alshiera is mesmerizing.

As for the advancement in plot, I don’t know whether we progressed, or got even more questions. Kuroka has major character development. We discover more of her past, and her issues about getting her eyesight back. On the other hand Alshiera is a walking bag of mystery. Why is she never calling Zagan by his name? Why is she a vampire? And many more question are raised about her, and the periods she lived through. There is a relation between her and the Silver Eyed King of the past, Kuroka, and even the church. Thanks to her age, she is an elusive knot between all the major plot points so far. I just hope we have seen all of her mysteries and start to get some answers. One can only accumulate so many secrets and importance on one character. It’s especially critical when she can be accused of being the one person withholding story points just to tease the reader.Alshiera, elusive and mysterious

More character get introduced, like Shax, Zagan’s subordinate. It’s incredible how seamlessly he gets into the story despite being his first time appearance. And I’m still impressed that we still get more characters, without page increases, without getting confused by the quantity and still have some time for each of them to satisfy their respective fan. Remember Stella from last volume? Yes, she is back somehow. Gremory and Kimaris also have some needed development, giving some depth to them as so far their past and connected weren’t covered so far.

Now, Zagan and Nephy are always part, being the thread tying all of them, and volumes may have to focus on a few side characters at a time as more and more people get introduced. I’m impressed at the closely knitted web of relationship the author is maintaining between all of them too.

This is yet again an excellent volume of Archdemon Dilemma. It’s the perfect volume for Christmas thanks to a heart warming story. I knew from the cover that I was going to like it because of the characters, and I sure did. As always, it’s volume packed to the brim, whether it’s action or slice of life, with good pacing, all in one day. The strongest aspect remains the characters, and how everything and everyone is connected.

World tidbits

I have to appreciate how the author has his narrator in the same universe, taking time to describe to the unknowing eyes what finally amounted to guns. There is no shortcuts when you are writing fantasy without being an isekai.


Author: Fuminori Teshima Twitter Website

Illustrator: Comta Twitter


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