Ascendance of a bookworm, Part 2 Apprentice shrine maiden Volume 1

Attracted by books at the temple, Myne has become an apprentice shrine maiden. But as she attracted the ire of the High Bishop, she has new difficulties to overcome.

Finally! The official translation has overtaken where I stopped with the WN, that is, partway of this volume. I can finally enjoy new content. Also, this is the first time I make a second review on the same series, so it will be mostly about the story unless there are major changes. This one is based on prepub version. It’s better to check the first review for the general aspects which stay true in this volume. I’m also trying to avoid spoiling too much in this, so I have just written the expositions about some of the situations the reader will encounter.

There are few major development in this volume. First is of course the temple, which is like a bridge to the noble life for Myne. She is dressed like them with a blue robe, and her behaviour has to fit her appearance. Noble in this world are heavy on protocols and subtle in their messages, unlike a straightforward book obsessed girl. She has much to learn, not only from the noble side, but also religious.

To help her with that, she is given 3 servants who were orphans at the temple. Fran, skilled ex High Priest servant, Delia, ex High Bishop servant who wanted to be his mistress, acting as a spy, and Gil, a mischievous boy. For them, being servants of a noble is an honour as it comes with privileges. But Myne isn’t one, so they see it as depreciative role especially for those who were already servants. Myne will have to figure how to act as a master for them so that they would follow her orders. This was solved faster than I remembered, but WN do tend to make me feel like everything is slow and dragging.

As if the shock from going to commoner to nobility wasn’t enough, the servants will also be shocked due to the difference between their secluded life in the temple and town. A good part of the volume will be how everyone adapts to these difference in value and custom, just like moving to another country. This is a good depiction of how common sense isn’t so common.

Business is ever developing as well for Myne and Benno. She has to develop it because being a noble like lady results in high expense, and she has new people to take care of. As a side step from her book making, she is developing her italian restaurant by training the chef and making yeast. Oven dish is rare as their development is limited to noble area, and thus, limited in number of people. Gratin, pizza, and others will probably be a breakthrough. Historically, it may hold some truth as ovens were public but belonged to the lords. They didn’t use it everyday. Thus people would mostly bake bread as they can conserve longer, but they may enjoy some tarts at the beginning. So, I’m not sure how faithful it’s to our history, but I like how it’s plausible.

The last part of this volume is about Lutz, his apprenticeship and his parents, a long conflict which reaches its conclusion. Benno would like Lutz to travel with him to other town, but his parents refused. Once again, I find the family relationship to be very organic, not to say slightly dramatic for better reading experience. He has a very standard family problem, and the resolution, though not without struggle, is the ideal one. I’m not sure if many families can reach that solution, but it truly is important.

Side stories this time features, for the epilogue, Lutz’ father, Deid, Tuuli, and Gil. Deid and Gil offer different point of views on the events of this volume. On the other hand, we get to see Tuuli is developing in her daily life, and thanks to Myne. She is an adorable big sister who is starting to be as ambitious as her little sister! Good luck Tuuli!

So this volume is more of the same, except with new characters and less fevers. Yay on the latter. Slowly but surely, the author is building up some major events. Climbing the social ladder means also reaching nobility at some point. Myne’s protection is often cited by her surrounding, and considering her worth, she is a prime kidnapping target. Finally, mana has barely been touched so far. Rereading the end of part 1 volume 3, it does offers lots of hints at other possibilities, and a tiny bit already slipped in this one. I also know the name for the next part, so there will be a major change, probably in 2 or 3 volumes. So there are many things which can be added to an already busy life. Busy, but carefully written to be delightful to read.


Based on trailer, the anime should reach this part of the LN as the High Priest is featured.

So far the anime does a good job at adapting the first volume. Myne internal though are narrated over, and is also featured in. Not much has been lost either. Compared to my imagination, it’s more colourful and cheery. Now, putting words into image, it does makes a few things more obvious. Light spoiler ahead for part 1 volume 3.

In the LN, Myne was described as scary when angry by the other kids after they have stepped on her clay tablets. That event even has an illustration, but it’s still black and white. The anime has colours, and her eyes turned rainbow. LN reader may stay clueless about mana, but the anime does foreshadow it more heavily.


Author: Miya Kazuki Syosetu Twitter

Illustrator: You Shiina Website


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