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Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf! volume 1

Kazuhiro “Kazuhiho” Kitase is a 25 years old salary man with one cheat power he had since he was a kid: being able to leave his job on time and have early sleep to literally live his dreams. In his dreams, he is transported to another world with game mechanics, along with whatever food lies by his bed. Using that, he baits the cute elf girl Mariabelle “Marie” on adventures. But one day, he brought her back to Japan!

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The Ryuo’s work is never done, volume 1-5

Also known as loli shogi, Ryuo is a LN about pro shogi players Yaichi Kuzuryu who has taken the prestigious title of Ryuo, and of his 9 years old apprentice, Ai Hinamatsuru. The LN has earned the first place for Kono Light Novel wa Sugoi in 2017 and 2018.

Don’t let the nickname of this LN fools you. Behind the few humorous cliché joke related to underage girls known in otaku media, Ryuo a wholesome read. The author spent a lot of time researching about shogi and players, and it shows. There is no need for the reader to know shogi; I certainly don’t, and still greatly enjoyed the story. Continue reading The Ryuo’s work is never done, volume 1-5