The hero is overpowered but overly cautious, volume 1

Ristarte is a young and beginner goddess ( a hundred years old ) whose task is to save worlds by summoning heroes. Blinded by his stats, she summoned Seiya Ryuuguuin to save the hardest world she has been in charge. And, the title is a very good synopsis.

Cautiousness is the primary theme of this comedy LN, where the hero is absurdly paranoid about every little things. He doesn’t trust anyone, everything he does is overkill, just in case. In short, it’s yet again based on a lack of common sense. Some LN does wonder in that segment. Seiya? Not so much. His lack of common sense makes him a rather unpleasant character as it results in a rather rude and to some extent, psychopathic character. There are hints of him being a more caring character than he seems at first sight, but they are few and far between.

Ristarte is the goddess who has to follow, and also the reader’s point of view. She is the anchor to our common sense, and also act as the boke to the tsukkomi of Seiya. She tries to keep Seiya in check but of course, fails. As a character, she is decent, but aside of being a boke, I can’t feel any standout feature.

In the end, it’s the side characters which I got fond of, perhaps out of pity as they are victims of Seiya’s antic. The god who is supposed to train Seiya is the one getting trained, the siblings who are supposed to join the hero’s party are just luggage carrier, and just plenty more of other character who are more likeable.

Stylistically, the LN is dialogue heavy at a fast pace, with very light narration. Nothing new but it works.

The B&W illustration are there to introduce characters, Seiya’s cool moment, or just some more SD illustration for the comedy.

Now, as it relies on manzai comedy as the main attraction, then, this LN is better read if you laugh at the jokes. They are chained fast, numerous if not perhaps rehashed, but, are hit or miss. Sadly I’m more in the miss camp. Seiya isn’t a likeable character to me, and I fear this has rather decreased my appreciation of the rest. The author does acknowledge that point about him, and he teases that it may be addressed in the next volume. There may be hope for him to grow into a more agreeable MC. I would recommend this LN if the humor is up to your taste.


A manga adaption exist, and I think it’s better than the LN. As the LN is mostly dialogue, the manga completes the barebone naration with expressive characters, and SD illustrations. This does wonder for a comedy. Seiya portrayal is more goofy, and from an unlikable character, he becomes more of a dork, one that I can like, and allows me to better enjoy the joke.

An anime is planned and I think it will be more in line with the manga.

Speculations on story

Ristarte is actually the reincarnation of a member of Seiya’s previous party. Her death resulted in his overly cautious trait. Seiya was already the hero of another world. Also, Seiya acts cold because he is cautious. He doesn’t want his enemy to know who he cares for as they would become his weak point. If this last point happen, then I would definitely warm up to him.


Author: Light Tuchihi
Illustrator: Saori Toyota Twitter




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