Saving 80000 gold for retirement, volume 1

Mitsuha Yamano has lost her family. Grieving, she failed her college entrance exam, and decided to take a break thanks to her inheritance. But during it, she was pushed off a cliff by a band of hoodlums. Instead of dying she found herself in another world thanks to a new power. Since the world is at medieval Europe development level, she decides to use her power to open a shop and earn her retirement money.

80000 gold is FUNA’s first WN, but it was published after Didn’t I say to make my abilities average in the next life. First work can be rough. I had read part of the translated WN some time ago, but it does seem to me that everything was reedited for smoother story progression. Also we can already find a lot of elements which define FUNA’s LN style.

A strong female main character. Mitsuha is a cute charming girl, but who also trained in handling weapons and fighting thanks to her late cherished brother. At the beginning of the LN, she gets the power to teleport between worlds, understand any language, and some regeneration.

Scheming. FUNA’s girls are all schemers. And most of the situations are resolved by scheme instead of raw brute force. For this first volume, there is not many schemes, and they are not as fun as in Average Abilities. She will try to get the support of a noble through her machination, or impress her clients.

Science elements. I wonder if the author is not a gun otaku. The guns and knives are real one, and their usage is described accurately. Remember, Japan doesn’t allow people to bear firearms. Outside of weapons, Mitsuha will bring a lot of things from modern Japan. Her world travelling power is closer to science fiction than fantasy in its description.

Misunderstanding. Can’t be FUNA’s LN without it for humour. By bringing Earth’s goods, Mitsuha will make a few misstep like bringing a fish scale remover despite living in a city where there is no fresh fishes, raising suspicions against her.

Deep insight. We are given her possible choices at key moments, and reasoning. Minutia details is given in the reason why Mitsuha and other characters acts in certain way. It’s especially fun and interesting when it’s about the common sense breaking moment, like seeing the use of a microwave which warranted Mitsuha to be branded a witch

The only flaw for this first volume is that everyone around Mitsuha should freak even more than they have already. They are very accepting of seeing artificial electric light, in a world without magic. You would expect someone to be scared and attack her, or try to steal from her. Actually, this was teased for volume 2! Let’s just say that my complain is that volume 2 isn’t out yet as volume 1 feels like an incomplete introduction.

It also miss a tiny bit of another main character in my opinion. There are very few recurring one and without much presence, so the rest of the cast feels expandable and not very interesting so far.

Style wise, typical FUNA. Third person narration from Mitsuha’s point of view and internal monologues. There is a number of narrators reaction for the reader, spicing up the story to make it more enjoyable.

Illustrations are all about Mitsuha in various situation. Somehow, she is always wearing the same set of clothes despite the changing contexts.

If you like already another FUNA’s LN, then you will like this one as they all share common elements. If it’s your first time with this author, you can’t go wrong with any of their work. 80000 gold isn’t as strong or funny nor as polished as Average Abilities, but it’s still a decent read to pass time.

World tidbits

There is one thing lots of isekai gets wrong and it annoys me, but hopefully, FUNA gets it right. Currency value. How many time do I have to read that 1 copper is equal to 100 yen? Especially when in term of value it’s false.

Firstly, in order to make such conversion, you need to be able to exchange between the 2 currencies because of demand and offer. However it’s isn’t possible in most isekai. So you can’t convert.

Secondly, the value of a money depends on what people are willing to trade for. As rarity and earning rate can be fluctuating among the different goods in another world, the value scale one have from modern Japan society wouldn’t hold. Of course, I don’t mind if the story accommodate for this fact but they usually don’t.

So FUNA foregoes as it should the fiat value of the gold, and instead use the intrinsic value of gold as a metal, when going from the other world to our world.


There is a manga which is quite faithful from the few chapters I have read.


Author: FUNA Syosetu
Illustrator: Touzai





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