Seriously Seeking Sister! Ultimate Vampire Princess Just Wants Little Sister; Plenty of Service Will Be Provided

Ristia is a young True Blood vampire, who is also the strongest. Being the last child of her family, she has no younger sibling. And like every last child, she wants one, a little sister. But her parents doesn’t, so she goes back to her homemade labyrinth to seal herself through time until a little sister comes to free her. While she intended it to last a few decades, she was only freed after a millenium by Nanami, a human girl.

Seriously Seeking Sister! Ultimate Vampire Princess Just Wants Little Sister; Plenty of Service Will Be Provided is one LN which I had never heard before, and popped out of nowhere in the JNovel lineup. The author has published lots other work as WN, and this one finally made the cut for publication after years of work and feedback according to the afterword. Congratulation on following your dream!

So this is one comedy LN based on the lack of common sense of the main character. After a millenium, the world has changed. Human became the dominant species, vampires disappeared, and everything is weaker. Ristia is thus a broken character with god tier power by the standard of the time, but she has the sensibility of living around her peers. This result in lots of funny situation where people are amazed at her feats breaking common sense, especially as she is a self proclaimed normal girl.

Ristia is a very sweet innocent character, not to say naive. All of her actions are motivated by her search for a little sister. Most of the time, she appears clueless, but against opponents, she suddenly becomes sharp enough to defeat them. I like her. She is just heartwarming, so no wonder she is called an angel by others.

The other character who are first cautious around her, just become fond of her after she helps them. It reaches the point that they wished she was their sister which is exactly what Ristia seeks. But they won’t voice it due to various reason, so Ristia keep missing the chance to get a sister.

It’s also a story with light yuri element. Classic vampire shenanigan! They are short but very exciting.

Behind all of this, there is a certain lingering darkness from society. Nanami was nearly used as monster bait at the beginning, and the rest of the story happen in an orphanage with bad reputation dealing with heavy topic. It’s a backdrop which gives contrast to the otherwise, light hearted story.

Style wise, it’s written in third person, mostly from Ristia point of view, with her internal monologue to emphasise how obsessed by little sister and out of touch she is with common sense. The point of view can switch to others, just to pile on misunderstanding.

The coloured artworks are good and you get them in high resolution in the premium ebook. B&W, while simple, are there for the cute moment of the story, if not racy, just to make your heart race faster!

So this is a rather enjoyable read to heal your heart. I’m pretty sure I may have been grinning at some moments as it’s so cozy and fluffly. Now, the only problem is that there is only one volume in Japan since 2018. The author do intend to have more but there is no sign. The WN have some more content which could be used. Luckily, the first volume doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, so you may not crave for more, but it’s not a closure either. I just want more!


None as far as I know.


Author: Hiironoame Syotesu Twitter

Illustrator: Siso Pixiv Twitter


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