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Wandering witch: The journey of Elaina, volume 1

A beautiful witch is traveling across the land on her broom, her hair flickering to the wind as she gaze at the passing landscape. In the distance is a country she has never seen, with unknown people and peculiar culture. Her heart beating of excitement by the awaiting discoveries, she soars into the sky. Who is she? She is Elaina!

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Seiren Gensouki, LN 1-7

Amakawa Haruto dies in a bus accident and found himself then in the body of 6 years old boy from the slums, Rio. Their personality, memories, and knowledge merge together as a result, and soon after, Rio saves Flora, the princess of the kingdom, awaken to his magic power, and is accused of actually kidnapping Flora.

Warning, this post has girls in swimsuits and underwear.

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