Welcome to Japan, Ms. Elf! volume 1

Kazuhiro “Kazuhiho” Kitase is a 25 years old salary man with one cheat power he had since he was a kid: being able to leave his job on time and have early sleep to literally live his dreams. In his dreams, he is transported to another world with game mechanics, along with whatever food lies by his bed. Using that, he baits the cute elf girl Mariabelle “Marie” on adventures. But one day, he brought her back to Japan!

This LN is thus, yet another isekai, but with some good twist. The story is structured around some limitation of Kazuhiho’s power, giving him a day life cycle in Japan, and another in the other world. The limitations imposed on his power also avoid world breaking change as he can’t bring technology, or magic artefact, unlike for instance, FUNA’s “Saving 80 000 Gold in Another World for Retirement”.

Thanks to that, Marie gets to experience Japan unaltered by the fantasy world. The author has thought about all the little cultural and technological difference which could happen, without relying on shortcuts like translation magic. This leads to sweet interactions between her and Kazuhiho as she goes on sightseeing and eating delicious Japanese food with great details while learning the language.

The other world is also more prominent featured than I first expected from the title. If Japan is slice of life tourism, the other world spices up the LN with adventures.

The narrative is mostly from Kazuhiho’s point of view, using first person, giving the reader a rather deep entry into his mind and emotions. The story flows well and is nicely paced. And Marie is extremely cute, everyday, all the time, and the author will have a pleasure to remind you of this fact. Perhaps too many time actually.

The artstyle is more standard CG. B&W illustrations are almost all for Marie, except for new characters or action moment. And even the later you may have Marie.

So, Welcome to Japan, Ms Elf! is a sweet good mix of isekai, modern day Japan tourism, and perhaps a blooming romance? I hope so on that last point. It’s not a ground breaking LN but a good past time and evasion read.


A manga adaptation exists and from the bits I have read, it’s really faithful. Marie is cute as ever as well.


Author: Makishima Suzuki Twitter Syosetu

Illustrator: Yappen Twitter Pixiv


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