WorldEnd, volume 1-3

Melancholy. This LN is full of melancholy. Even the cover has crying girls.

In a world above the cloud, people are under the constant threat of the Beasts who already ravaged the ground. They lead ordinary lives. And in such world, you have young fairy girls fighting and dying to protect them.

Willem is a young, rare featureless man, in search of a job. One such job led him to take care of weapons, which turned out to be the fairies. They are brought up because of their potential to fight against the Beasts as the only one capable of wielding the Dug weapons. Among these fairies is Chtolly, the oldest one, who falls in love with Willem, just as she fated to fight a Beast in the coming weeks, sacrificing her life in the process.

The atmosphere is just bittersweet. Willem and Chtolly are attaching character, and I just wish the best for them. They are strong, but so frail at the same time, they may disappear at the next page. The world just offer a bleak background emphasising how vain everything is. Fairies are born from the dead, and their end is on the battlefield, often young. Can Willem prevent it? He has his own share of burden and his life is as tragic as the fairies if not more. And it’s even worst as the story continues to tell about the world of the past, when people lived on the ground, as you can draw parallels with the present.

Everything is shaped for a tragedy. It even narratively has a place in the legends of that world. The heroes of the past, the Brave, are said to be the protagonist of tragedies. Perhaps this story is one more of these legends? At volume 3 I can’t tell.

The narration switch between periods and between different characters. It has a certain philosophical aspect to it as the characters ask rhetorical questions. A bit like the title. It’s like a contemplation in part, otherwise down to earth narration. The switch is also used to heighten some cliffhangers, delaying the outcome of major event, toying with the readers’ feeling.

B&W illustration depicts mostly part of their daily life, mostly heartwarming, in contrast to the covers. They are used to introduce chapters sometime, and just fit with the general mood of the story.

This LN is the worst. You don’t want to read the next line because something horrible may happen, but at the same time, it’s so good, you keep going, wondering what fate awaits the people of that world.

At the end of volume 3, there is a big event. I have bought volume 4, but it remains there. I delay as much as possible the moment when I will read it. I know it will be good, but it’s not good for my heart. So yes, I like it a lot. The atmosphere, the characters, the world, and the feeling that it conveys to the reader are a rare treat among LN.


There is an anime and manga. I have only watched one episode so I can’t really comment on it, and I haven’t checked the manga.


Author: Akira Kareno Website Twitter

Illustrator: Ue




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